Amanda Shepherd is the illustrator of FIVE books - Rules of the Wild, Who Loves Me, Fiona Loves the Night and Such a Silly Baby AND her newest illustrated book Mouse Tales - by Susan Pearson. She is an frequent contributor to Carus magazines.

CONTACT: shepherdamanda(at sign)yahoo dotcom.


The important stuff:: and CATS!
Picture book illustration is my joy. No matter what I do… cashier at HEB, produce worker... bakery ( drawing on cakes...) I still draw picture books. I love pigs, animals and, accidentally - I draw cats ALOT. The recent cat drawing obsession is from the mischievous stray cats Carrot (who is always hungry), Lion (who has only one eye), mischievous George (who I actually picked up once) and Tic and Tac (they are orange! omg what's not to love!). These beloved strays have been featured on my public art - a neighborhood electrical box at the corner of Chapparral and Schatzle Street in my beloved Corpus Christi, Texas.

Artist interview with MarinaArts District. Corpus Christi, Texas

Originally from the Seattle area, Amanda lives with her wildly creative husband and BK BabyCat in Phoenix, Arizona. Baby Kat is a leaping, bug catching wild grey tabby - who likes cheesecake ...and strings, red strings... oh and anything that might even remotely look like a string. And the hubby GeeMo is an obsessive runner... he ran across The Great State of Texas in a mere three weeks, 840 miles for heaven sake?! Amanda doesn't run so much, but she is a small trail runner and she ran the fabulous San Antonio half marathon in a desperate attempt to keep up with Garbo.

Recognized nationally for children’s book art. She has shown her children’s book illustrations at the New York Original Art Show for children’s book illustration in 2005 and 2007. Her work is in the Mazza Museum of Findlay Ohio, the Burton Barr Library of Phoenix and the University of Arizona for children’s book art.

She is honored to have been selected as the recipient of the Ezra Jack Keats/Kerlan Collection Memorial Fellowship Grant from the University of Minnesota in 2007. Her work has been shown locally at K Space Contemporary and the Art Center of Corpus Christi. She is a contributor to the Corpus Christi Loteria Mural Project in downtown Corpus Christi (located on Starr Street).And a fabulous electrical box celebrating the stray cats George and Tic and Tac and Crooked Tail.

The Mazza Collection | The Mazza Museum, Findlay, Ohio
Phoenix Public Library | Permanent Collection
Patricia MacLachlan's Permanent Collection
The Mary Wong Collection | University of Arizona, Tucson