Fiona Loves the Night: How can we live each day and miss looking up at the night sky each night? The moon is a gift. It is so incredibly beautiful. Night is a wonderful world that reflects colors, shadows and reflections of light... it is filled with animals and flowers. In this book I wanted the reader to experience what Fiona was experiencing... each page following the first is an experience for the reader... as well as for Fiona.

Book Reviews
Publishers Weekly: Starred Review August 20
"...Fingerpainted textures, applied both in strokes and in precise, printlike daubs, convey the dappling moonlight as well as the energy that makes the nocturnal world anything but sleepy. ... Children who fear the dark could learn a lot from Fiona. "Ages 4-8. (Sept.)

August 2007
  ...dots of soft blues and creams create subtly luminous highlights in the nightscape, and much of what Fiona sees is rendered with larger-than-page-sized closeness. Young children, however they themselves regard the night, will feel enfolded by this nocturnal idyllŠ